Smart-Home Technology For The Disability Community

February 2018

A new wave of connector-rich technologies are giving greater independence to people with disabilities. Published in Connector Supplier.

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Where Does The Minneapolis Park Board Go From Here?

January 2018

The Minneapolis Park Board has six new commissioners taking office and they have big ideas for social change. Published in MinnPost.

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The Super Origin Of Super Lawyers

December 2017

The story of how an irreverent legal magazine in Minneapolis grew into a national empire with 24 million readers. Published in Super Lawyers.

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The Lazy Man’s Guide To Ranked-Choice Voting

November 2017

People may think they understand ranked-choice voting. But they don’t. Let’s be real. Here’s a primer on the basics. Published in MinnPost.

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Stories Help Caregiving Pros Know The Person Within

November 2017

The creator of MemoryWell says insight into a person’s past leads to better care. Published in Next Avenue.

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The Battle For The Soul Of The Minneapolis Park Board

October 2017

Elections for the Minneapolis Park Board are usually rather sleepy. This year they’re like House of Cards for tree-huggers. Published in MinnPost.

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Informed. Engaged. Empowered.

October 2017

Wilder Foundation’s Community Equity Pipeline helps young leaders of color navigate the state capitol. Published in Citizens League Voice.

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The Recovery Bike Shop: A Story You Could Never Make Up

September 2015

When Brent Fuqua says Recovery Bike Shop is about more than bikes, it doesn’t sound like some Lance Armstrong bromide. He’ll say he’s not sure how he arrived at a place where he’s managing a 13,000-square-foot business that employs 15 and grosses more than $1 million a year. He’ll say it still feels the same to him as it did when he started it in a shed in 2008 to help him get through recovery. He’ll say he’s the luckiest guy in the world. Published in MinnPost.

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An HIV Diagnosis And Addiction At The Same Time. Not Easy. Danniel Sannel Walks People Through It.

September 2015

Imagine for a moment you are HIV-positive. That stops you right there, doesn’t it? Now go further and imagine you are HIV-positive and suffering from mental illness or chemical addiction. Life might seem pretty hopeless. But that’s where Daniel Sannel comes in. Literally, that’s when he might come into your room and talk to you. Published in MinnPost.

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A Sober Rock Festival. It’s Fun. Really.

August 2015

Hazelden has been hosting a music festival for three years now every August. And it attracts pretty big names. Last year the Jayhawks headlined; this year it was Caroline Smith. The crowds are growing, the booze is not flowing, and everyone has a good time. Published in MinnPost.

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Sober Corps And The Legacy Of Fred Myers And Malik Sealy

July 2015

Back in 2007, Fred Myers had a vision for a recovery support group that would flourish in downtown Minneapolis. He would have never guessed that his work would tie in so closely with the life of Malik Sealy, a professional basketball player who died at the hands of a drunk driver. But that’s what happened. And while both are now gone, their legacies live on in the work of Sober Corps. Published in MinnPost.

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Hennepin County Doesn’t Want You In The ER, But Does Want You To Have A Phone

July 2015

Hennepin County in Minnesota has been winning national attention for its innovative approach to reducing ER visits by the Medicaid population. Among the things it does is give out phones so caseworkers can stay in touch with clients and get them to appointments. It’s an evidence-based intervention approach to interrupting behavior cycles and it’s working. Published in MinnPost.

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Lawyers Concerned For Lawyers: 39 Years Of Professional Empathy

July 2015

There’s always been a strong community of support to be found in the legal profession for lawyers struggling with mental health and addiction issues. Nowhere is this done better than Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers in Minnesota. Published in MinnPost.

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TXT4Life Brings Crisis Counseling Into The Digital Age

June 2015

These days young people in crisis don’t call a hotline. They text. And savvy health providers text back. Published in MinnPost.

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Tackling Anxiety On Campus. Can A Therapy Chicken Help?

June 2015

Anxiety levels on campus is skyrocketing, according to recent surveys. Why is this, and what innovations are being done to address the growing public health problem? Published in MinnPost.

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Narcan Is Helping Reduce Overdose Deaths In Hennepin County. Why Isn’t It Used More Widely?

June 2015

It’s proven that administering the anti-overdose drug Narcan can save people’s lives. It’s happening in Hennepin County, where police officers carry the drug with them. Why aren’t other counties using it? Published in MinnPost.

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Why William Mitchell And Hamline Had To Merge

February 2015

It was always a bit unrealistic to think the Twin Cities could support four law schools. My take on the merger between William Mitchell and Hamline. Published in MinnPost.

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Mike Ciresi Breaks Up With Himself

January 2015

Legendary trial lawyer Mike Ciresi stunned everyone when he decided to resign from his own firm of 44 years, Robins Kaplan Miller & Ciresi, to start up his own boutique. I spoke with him the day the news broke and got the why. Published in MinnPost.

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The Star Tribune Endorsed Stewart Mills For Congress. His Policies: Not So Much

November 2014

A couple weeks before the midterm elections, Minnesota’s largest newspaper, the Star Tribune, gave a curious endorsement to congressional candidate Stewart Mills. The newspaper’s editorial page seemed at odds with Mills, despite the paper giving him its nod. I did a comparative analysis to see just how far apart the newspaper and the candidate were on the issues. Pretty far it turns out. Published in MinnPost.

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Untapped Talent

November 2013

Minnesota has the ninth best unemployment rate for the general population but the ninth worst unemployment for returning post-9/11 veterans. What gives? This article won a Society of Professional Journalists award for best magazine feature in Minnesota in 2013. Published in Twin Cities Business.

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Minnesota’s New Mad Men

May 2013

The Twin Cities are Mad Men incarnate, and advertising drives our creative economy. But can we keep up with a diversifying America? Published in Minnesota Monthly.

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Meet The Young Nonprofit Professionals

November 2014

A look at the Twin Cities chapter of the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network, which is the largest in the country. Published in the Star Tribune.

Vets In The Workplace

November 2014

Reintegrating into the workforce is no less complex for the citizen soldiers of the National Guard and Reserves. Published in Twin Cities Business.

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The Creatives

September 2014

This isn’t another article about innovation in organizations. You’ve seen that before. This is a piece about innovation leadership in organizations. How do leaders lead a process that results in creativity and new ideas? That’s what I explored with top thinkers at General Mills, Snow Kreilich, Black: A Retail Brand Agency, Ecolab, and Hennepin County Medical Center. Published in Twin Cities Business.

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The Vinyl Resurgence Hits The Twin Cities

December 2014

A generation ago people were throwing away their vinyl records with indifference. Collectors like Johnny Kass scooped them up and are now cashing in. Published in Twin Cities Business.

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How Cheap Skate Got In The Black

December 2014

Cheap Skate has been a roller skating institution in the Twin Cities for more than 30 years, and has survived the ebbs and flows of the activity’s popularity. It’s back to booming again. I asked why, while trying not to fall. Published in Twin Cities Business.

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Graywolf Press Gets On A Roll

September 2014

Graywolf Press has been on an epic winning streak as of late, with authors winning every award in sight. But does the notoriety translate into sales? And has the digital revolution harmed its chances at long-term sustainability? Published in Twin Cities Business.

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3D Printing The Next Industrial Revolution

June 2014

In 1988, Scott Crump, founder of the 3D printing company Stratasys, made a toy froggie for his 2-year-old daughter, using a glue gun and a liquid layering process. That inspiration is now called fused deposition modeling, and is the basis for a technology that is about to change American manufacturing. Published in Twin Cities Business.

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To Minnesota With Love

Spring 2009

A piece on the international make-up of the University of Minnesota tennis team. Published in Minnesota magazine.

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FindFurnish Enjoying Vintage Goods Boom

December 2014

Brian Wilcox lives for the hunt. Once a month he gets in his truck and drives around the Midwest looking for vintage goods to bring back to hist Minneapolis store FindFurnish. His goal is to have the inventory turn over every six weeks. It’s good business and it keeps him on the road, which is where he loves to be, always on the search. Published in Twin Cities Business.

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Creating A Great Workplace

October 2014

Mayo Clinic, General Mills, and Allianz Life Insurance keep employees engaged and productive. Published in Twin Cities Business.

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The Fairhairs And The Founders

February 2009

After the election of Barack Obama, a magazine published by the Sons of Norway asked me to compare our political system with theirs. Published in Viking magazine.

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Minnesota’s Legacy Of Unusual (And Unforgettable) Politicians

Summer 2008

I was asked to write about the state’s history of unorthodox politicans (think Jesse Ventura). Published in Delta Sky magazine.

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Camp Wellstone

November 2004

I attended a progressive training camp and wrote about it for Minnesota Law & Politics.

Read the article: What I Learned at Camp Wellstone

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