Genevieve Jenkins: The Most Options To Do The Most Good

June 2023

Genevieve Jenkins came to housing law through her work on South Africa’s Constitutional Court. Published in Southern California Rising Stars.

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David Bradley Olson: The Lawyer Who Hates Making Headlines

August 2018

David Bradley Olson is one unassuming guy. He just happens to represent flamboyant clients, including Jesse Ventura and Brock Lesnar. It’s his substance that wins out and makes him one of Minnesota’s most respected attorneys. Published in Minnesota Super Lawyers.

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Eric Magnuson: Order & Law

August 2017

Eric Magnuson rose from a blue-collar background to become chief justice of the Minnesota State Supreme Court. Then he walked away. Published in Minnesota Super Lawyers.

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Susan Link: Matters Of Life And Death

August 2016

Susan Link has a deep devotion to estate planning. Her pro bono work with Wills For Heroes is a big reason why. Published in Minnesota Super Lawyers.

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Jim Carey: An Uncommon Level Of Common Sense

August 2015

Jim Carey didn’t just become Minnesota’s premier personal injury attorney overnight. He’s achieved this status after decades of making sound judgments to get everyday people some financial security. His secret weapon? He’s a genuine nice guy. Published in Minnesota Super Lawyers.

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Daniel Maurer Writes The World’s First Graphic Novel On Sobriety

July 2015

Daniel Maurer had his life ripped up apart by opiate addiction but got clean through using the 12-step program. When he got healthy he realized he wanted to write about his experience. He thought: how about writing a graphic novel to explain the recovery process? The Hazelden Publishing folks bit and next thing he knew he had a Minnesota Book Award-winning title called Sobriety: A Graphic Novel.” I profiled Daniel for a piece in MinnPost.

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Doug Burgum And The Reshaping Of Fargo

May 2015

You know which American city is leading the way in terms of walkability, livability, mixed-use inventiveness, and all-around badassery? Fargo. And much of the innovation is being led by developer and visionary Doug Burgum. I profiled him for Pollen.

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Being Scott Seekins

July 2007

A piece in Mpls/St. Paul on one of the icons of the Twin Cities, Scott Seekins, painter/bon vivant/human performance art.

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A Beautiful Struggle

March 2008

A profile of singer-songwriter Gary Louris of alt-country pioneers the Jayhawks. Published in Mpls/St.Paul.

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Hollywood Ending

October 2006

A profile on one of my best friends from high school, Brent Boyd, who after years of toil got his career break with the production of his screenplay Aurora Borealis, which starred Joshua Jackson, Donald Sutherland and Juliette Lewis. Published in Mpls/St.Paul.

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The Man Who Invented Ice Dams

November 2014

Before Joe Palumbo came along, they were just those annoying ice structures. Now they have a name and are part of a $2 million business. Published in Twin Cities Business.

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The Daley Show

August 2013

A feature on commercial litigator Annamarie Daley of Barnes & Thornburg, who among other things is Arctic Cat’s outside counsel. For Minnesota Super Lawyers.

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Don’t Step On His Red Wing Shoes

August 2014

Bill Sweasy is the CEO of Red Wing Shoes, which manufactures work boots for industrial workers, hipsters, and millions of others. He doesn’t like to talk about himself. But he did open up a bit to me about what it’s been like taking over a family business that’s existed for more than century, and just when it happened that his products became so trendy, which still mystifies him. Published in Twin Cities Business.

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A Different Stage

February 2015

Kristine Holmgren is a lot of things: spiritual leader, essayist, playwright. One thing she is not is a corporate cog. She learned that about herself late in her career and made an adjustment. Published in the Star Tribune.

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Scott Davis Of QONQR Fears Success

June 2014

In a lot of ways Scott Davis is living his dream. His mobile game QONQR is a huge hit. But keeping up with the demand for new offerings is affecting him in a very specific way: he has no time to sleep. Published in Twin Cities Business. Read the profile: Why QONAR Fears Success

Bumblebee Is Ready To Take Off

October 2014

Mary Pokluda gets emotional about the work of her personal assistant business Bumblebee. That may spook investors—but her clients love it. Published in Twin Cities Business.

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Stalking Creative Kidstuff

May 2014

Jeff Nelson of the toy company Play From Scratch really wanted his products shelved at Creative Kidstuff. So he set up shop across the street and watched how they did business. And he got what he wanted. Published in Twin Cities Business.

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Best Man

November 2013

Best Buy general counsel Keith Nelson was a quarterback in college and used to leading people into battle. But even he was a bit thrown when his company went through a severe leadership crisis in 2012. For Super Lawyers Business Edition.

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Jörg Pierach Keeps On Rebranding

November 2013

When Jörg Pierach started Fast Horse it was a PR firm. Now it isn’t. For Twin Cities Business.

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Lisa Hanson Powers Through

November 2013

Lisa Hanson is trying to prove with her restaurant Mona that location isn’t everything. For Twin Cities Business.

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What’s Buck Humphrey Doing In Movies?

March 2013

I met with Hubert H. “Buck” Humphrey 12 years ago to talk politics. I met up with him again, this time to talk about film. For Minnesota Monthly.

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Separating The Wheaton From The Chaff

July 2008

A career retrospective and feature on the most accomplished tennis player ever from Minnesota, David Wheaton. Published in Northern USTA magazine.

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Magic Johnson

February 2010

A profile of Los Angeles lawyer Channing Johnson, who helped a church buy the Forum. Published in Southern California Super Lawyers.

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Dreams Of Democracy

March 2008

A profile of a man who survived the ravages of Sudan to study and thrive at the University of Minnesota. Published in Minnesota magazine.

Read the profile: Mohamed Bakri

The Invisible Man

February 2004

A profile of my neighbor and brilliant lawyer and blog writer Mark Siegel. Published in Minnesota Law & Politics.

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Quick-Change Artist

March 2011

A discussion about acting with a high school chum of mine, Jim Lichtscheidl. Published in Minnesota Monthly.

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The Man From Merced

August 2010

A piece on Gary Hernandez, a legal fixture in the Bay Area and the lawyer across the country who knows how to navigate the byzantine nature of insurance regulations. Published in Northern California Super Lawyers.

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Sam’s Club

April 2003

I met a lawyer in Minneapolis who also writes poetry and novels and a million other things, and often uses his rock star friends as his characters and inspiration. How could I not write about him? Published in Minnesota Law & Politics.

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Hair Today, Hair Tomorrow

September 2005

For years I got my haircuts from an old-school barber in downtown Minneapolis named Leo Odden, who has worked in the same location, the Grain Exchange Building, for more than 35 years. Published in Mpls/St.Paul.

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Mr. Nice Guy

July 2012

I was charmed when this Wyoming attorney, Jason Neville, told me he keeps a Patrick Swayze speech from the movie “Road House” in mind in his professional practice. Gotta respect that. Published in Mountain States Super Lawyers.

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Buck’s Hill

October 2001

A look at Minnesota’s most recent Humphrey on the political scene, Hubert’s grandson Buck. Published in Minnesota Law & Politics.

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